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tv   [untitled]    March 15, 2013 8:00pm-8:30pm PDT

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can at this point because we need to give web corps times to relook at the whole structural steel, do we repackage everything? do we redesign the steel in some way to be able to give the response that you asked for. so march 25th, would be allowing us to move so that the design team could finish and that would just include the direction on the rva and the direction of what to move forward and that is it for march 25th and changing the facade from the grass to the metal and we can do that presentation as well. i would ask the board to consider maybe starting our meetings at 9:00, we have a very complex project and i understand, we have never had a time limit for when this board meeting would attend but it appears that most need to leave at noon and i would ask for consideration that we could start earlier, i can start as early as anybody can available and but we really need to start thinking about starting earlier, because there is a lot and it is a huge project and a lot of material and we don't
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want to keep disappointing the public that we are going to present something and we don't have the time. please allow us some consideration. >> i think that is an important request. any other... i am happy to start the board meetings at 9:00 a.m. if there is no objection, we can certainly. >> and i want to apologize to those of you who are here and not getting to present. >> i also just asked the board members if they can let me know in advance when they have meetings schedule afterwards so i can give staff a good sense of when our meetings need to end by, these presentations are great actually. i really appreciate the incredible level of detail, but i think that we don't need to go over it orally. i think that it is important for us to see visually. >> i think just to that last point, it would be helpful to get these in advance so that then we have, you know, for us and the public to be able to review and we don't have to go bullet by bullet. i am glad that hear that we are not going to need to try to
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contemplate a full budget adjustment at the next meeting because we will not be ready for that. what would be helpful in addition to what the previous director's mention, one would be an understanding of what the change process is within the program. i don't know if there is a change board or a configuration board. because it seems like there is a lot of things that have kind of moved along the course of the program, and it would be helpful for us to understand how those things get vetted and if we could cover that at the next meeting and we seemed to have stopped getting or receiving the monthly reports which was the one thing in writing that they were getting each month. maybe i missed it. i don't feel like i have seen one in a couple of months and that would also help with my understanding of what is happening here. and then, i guess to the point about to what extent the current projections what they are anticipating it sounds like for the steel, the estimate was
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going up over time and we ended up with something quite a bit above and i think to director metcalf's question what does that mean for the glazing and the other big packages and the other big packages that you referenced are still to come? i guess that it is more than a third and we have big ones that are further out in time and subject to further escalation and out for one of those packages and i am wondering what comfort level that we should on the estimates now and what we are seeing for at least this one, just the recommendations to cover at the next meeting. >> that is helpful, director could you repeat the first one? because i did not quite catch the first one on the order and the change of the process? >> like to understand what the program's change process is. so how we get to the point where we are needing to authorize additional design budget. >> how we move from one?
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>> where internally how those decisions are being made to advance to the board? >> okay. >> and we do have a change management, budget change management procedure, that documents exactly how that is done, and the sign-offs and approvals. so we can send you that, procedure in advance. >> perfect, thank you. >> okay. so, i think that that is good. it is a good way to move forward. i do want to say as we move forward with the entire budget through april and may, if it is that we are just looking at 164 million dollars, it is 164 million dollar gap, i still would like the number to come down more. that is just where i am at today. i actually think that the presentations have been great in explaining why they are the way that they are. but i just... it is a big number for me, still, to swallow. and the last feedback that i just wanted to give is that given how competitive, the construction market is today, i think that we need to be very
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thoughtful about our rfp process and i think that in years past we could be more thorough and ask the bidders to give very complicated packages, and bids to tj pi, i think that given the current climate that we should think about how we could be competitive in attracting the bidders. i want to commend the staff and i think that the staff is thorough and this is not, i am not being critical of that, because i actually appreciates that level of ten acity and detail, i just want to be sure that we deliver the project to our city within a budget that works. given the public tlars that are spent on this. we are meeting again on march 25th. >> i am going to keep that time at 9:30. >> has it been publicized yet?
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>> it has not, so we could make the adjustment. >> it seems to be a shorter meeting. >> it feels like 9:30 works for that one. >> i would suggest nine because we are going to have the presentation by fred on the skin. and maybe some questions. i really would recommend 9:00. there was never, there is nothing written anywhere that this meeting ended at noon, but if that is what the board wishes we need to start earlier. >> we can start at 9:00. >> i will have a hard stop on monday because i am on a committee in the afternoon so i can have the meeting go past 12:30. >> so we will start at 9:00 a.m. on monday march 25th and do that there after. >> and at least in spring through june. >> so we will actually have to adopt the change of the bi laws and we can call the meetings every month. >> i would rather keep it special meetings for may, april and, may, i think that once we get through, this, through the budget, i think that meeting at
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9:30 will be appropriate. >> i don't want to go through changing the by laws. >> okay. >> that would be my preference >> thank you so much. the staff, and thank you so much to board members and if there are no further announcements are discussions the meeting is adjourned.> >> hey san franciscans, get ready to have fun. this thursday march 14 celebrate pie
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parade down market street and enjoy the festival from 10:00-5:00. as the irish saying go
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this is a planning commission meeting for thursday, march 14, 2013. please beware that we do not tolerate any noise at any time. i would like to take roll. fong, commissioner wu, commissioners are expected to arrive shortly. first up our consideration of items proposed for continuances. item 1, 121495 c request for the
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conditional use item. item 2, 36218 street is proposed for continuance. 4216 california street. request multiuse authorization. we just received request for continuances. that's all i have. i have no speaker cards. >> any public comment for the three items? >> good afternoon. my make the is doug oranger. i just want to
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thank the project sponsor for agreeing to continue the item for another chance to hear their presentation. >> great. thank you. >> any additional public comment on the three items. seeing none, public comments close. commissioner moore. >> continue to move item. >> second. >> all the matter to continue item 1, 2, 14, commissioner so moved unanimously passed. regarding questions in matter.
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>> any public comments on the draft minutes? >> seeing none. public comment is closed commissioners. commissioner wu, >> i move to prove minutes. >> second. >> on that motion to approve? commissioner, moore, wu and fong. that motion passes unanimously. >> item 4, commission comments and questions? commissioner. >> i have to talk about situation where the camp was nearly removed. they did provide housing and services to
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those that were living there and they had a good response and the other important item of this was that there is not an ability to return. so that, i think maybe a way to come up with a policy that may have some benefit for us in the future citywide. no. 2, i was happy to be part of the forum yesterday and was sophie. she was present. and it was a very good hearing. we had a representative from almost every post secondary institution in san francisco. i can only think of one that there may have. it was a good round table and it dealt with the issue of student housing and the new legislation and
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hopefully a lot of these groups will partner with each other and be able to provide housing for their students and i think it's very encouraging. and thirdly, if i can ask some help, it's coming up on the screen. great. we have a new pope and also new edition because as you know the pope is the first jesuit and also the first pope from the americas and this is my first grandson who was born last week and appropriately, his name is primo which means the first in italian. so his name was very timely. thank you. >> congratulations. >> any other announcements? births? okay. next item,
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please. >> commissioner under the directors report item 5 directors announcements? >> good afternoon. i want to briefly report, you will hear from an marie more details. as you know the board of supervisors this week up had eld the vital impact report and approved a new term sheet and because of the nature of the changes in the project you will see this project again and we are looking to bring you initiation in late april tentatively scheduled a hearing for may 13 for to you take action on the general plan amendments and will go to the land use committee to the board in late early or early july. we will be getting you a large packet of information at least three weeks in advance because
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of the requirement for initiation to initiate three weeks in advance of any general plan action. you should be seeing that in about a month from now. that concludes my report and i'm happy to answer any questions. >> mr. moore. >> i have one question. will we receive a revise? >> absolutely. you will be getting all that in about three weeks in advance of the first hearing. >> commissioners, item 6 review of past week board of supervisors and historic preservation. >> thank you, good afternoon commissioners, there are a few items i would like to share with you. the first the land use committee considered a packet of technical amendments including clarifications and
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corrections to our planning code approved that ordinance on november 29 and since then there were more incorporated into the ordinance such as adding a note to the p be where they might find an index to fees and what are not allowed in union square and the restrict of use -- which has expired. >> newly appointed. she signed as a legislative sponsor and with those committees recommended approval of the ordinance. >> on tuesday, the plan was made possible by years of community and city effort. the board hearing contained a
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robust discussion about the no amendment were proposed. the plan included too many limitations on entertainment and office uses and supervisor expressed similar concern and know the board struck a balance between many competing uses. she explained that the sally district is intended to be a pdr district and thus should not permit office and housing uses. there was discussion on the grandfathering provision for the conditional use for the academy of arts facility. board president chu and other supervisors expressed general concerns but no amendment offered to move that provision. since the planning commission adopted this, there have been following amendments made to
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this. removal of the b bulk. rezoning the property to r e d x. and rezones the property. due to negotiated agreement between the property owner and the entertainment community. allows mergers in the w m u o to create a property with a larger front. tier 1 and tier 2. it will have a final reading next week and also the budget supplemental. you will remember we described to you requesting positions, this week it has
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been amended. it has 8 positions. it's 3.2, it ended up at 2.8 million approved. i do have a lot of information about the cpm c term sheet endorsement and i will be happy to share that with you. it's a couple paragraphs or i can send it to you in written form. i know you have a hearing today. >> i think if you can send it that would be great. we have a little time to ask questions. >> okay. i will do that and make it available to the public. we have 2 new ordinances introduced this week. the bay view hunters citizens advisory committee and planning and land use matters for this zone 2 of this
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redevelopment project area sponsored by supervisor cohen. and a code to provide for appeals for sealed documents and to provide public notice of environmental documents and termination. and lastly the hearing request from supervisor david chu is for 8 washington and he would like to know the impact on nearby assets and some puc properties and that conclude this weeks report. >> thank you. commissioner wu. >> so i think maybe we can talk about this when we discuss the sequel item today but it not that clear yet how supervisor kim's introduction impacts influences or doesn't. the sequel legislation that we'll be hearing today. i don't know if you want to give some brief
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remarks on that now. >> yes, there are some similar issues noticing how appeals process will work, that is still under review in the city attorneys office and there are 2 proposals that could be considered separately by the board. it hasn't been officially referred to the department yet. when it is, we'll have 30 days to bring it to hearing before you. >> the board did not meet last night. so there is no report. >> commissioners, the historic preservation yesterday did not meet however two new commissioners were confirmed by the board and so the historic preservation commission is back in full strength with 7 commissioners. jonathon and
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allen young. if there is nothing else, there is now item 7. >> good afternoon commissioners. before you today is a consideration of a revising mission and value statement for the department. we had a hearing several weeks ago on this item and you have given us comments from the public and we have revised the statements based on those comments today and i wanted to briefly go over those revisions with you and ask you for your support on this statement. as you recall when we came to you before we talked about using the word charter to describe this package and we removed the title. we are calling this the mission value statement of the department and there was a statement in the values that you had asked us to remove about being delivered in our
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process. you had been uncomfortable with that statement and now it's removed and a third, being linguistically and culturally sensitive, we've added a value statement on that and there are a number of actual statements and we have revised that mission statement to summarize the responsibilities of the department as broadly as we can. i will say this is intent that can be a guide for the department and the best way i know of describing it is it reminds us of why we do and what and what we do it for. it not meant to replace code, policy or a legislative item. it's meant to be a very short value and mission statement for the department. so it does have 3 components, mission statement, vision and value statements. and we have
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revising the mission statement to incorporate your comments and comments by the public. i would like to read that. the san francisco planning department under the direction of the planning commission shapes the future by generating an extra ordinary vision, improving our surroundings through environmental analysis and preserving and enforcing planning code. if i may, there have been comments from the public about making sure we incorporated affordable housing concerns and that statement about encouraging the broad range and the preservation was incorporated hence the phrase preserving our unique heritage. the one thing you asked us to
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do is that we understood and you understood how this is to be used and the tactics if you will. the second page of the memo it outlines those tactics. it will be used in general by management and staff to ensure our decisions are in alignment with the department's mission. it will be used in the department's performance measures where we report quarterly on certain performance measures for how we operate and will be used for staff performance and by me to in general remind staff of the awareness of what we do and why we do it and who we do it for. for that, i would like to ask for your support and happy to answer any questions. >> any public comments on this
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item? seeing none. public comment is closed. >> i like it. i think it deals with various things we brought up with our comments and brought up to address all of those and i think it's a good statement and i would be in favor of it. >> commissioner wu. >> if i can ask you to speak to the idea of how this document or mission vision statement is used, what role does it play versus the planning priorities that are in the code and what the difference or similarities might be? >> this is for internal for staff for kind of guiding how we do our work. it's not meant to replace policies or general plan. there have been discussions and correspondence
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about how we should deal with the planning code. there is many codes and legislation we could include. the plan itself is an over arching. one could argue the general plan is higher document than the prior policies. given the challenges of the incorporating all by reference, the intent is to have an internal document to how we do our job, not what we do, but how we do it. that was the intent of how this was drafted >> commissioner moore? >> i think i would like to direct to himself. he's running this ship and this is the way you would like to run principles which you are to -- i would like to comment. for


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